Scholarships and Financial Aid

BrokeScholar is a scholarship search engine that lists over 650,000 scholarship opportunities. Create a free profile to find scholarships that match your needs.
College Board: Pay for College
The College Board provides this guide to the different types of financing available to students. Includes access to a tool called Financial Aid EasyPlanner, which allows users to design a personal savings plan that suits their needs. Also provides information on scholarships, grants and loans.
College Savings Plans Network
A guide to the Section 529 state college savings program, which is designed to make college savings easier for families. Provides information on the plans in all states, with links to related websites. For Tennessee residents, see Tennessee BEST below.
FAFSA on the Web
The online application for federal student aid. Visitors can also get school codes and find out the status of their online applications. Also available en Español.
Provides an extensive database of national, community, and college-specific scholarships. Access is free, but users must create an online profile which will help to match students to scholarships for which they are eligible.
Federal Student Aid
The portal for all federal student aid information, this site provides information on preparing for college, choosing a school, applying for aid, funding sources, attending school and repaying loans. Also provides links to FAFSA and instructions on obtaining a PIN for online applications.
FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
A guide to online resources for scholarship and loan information. Although most links guide the user towards FastWeb, there are other scholarship search services provided.
Grants for Individuals
The Michigan State Libraries' Grants for Individuals site indexes grants that are available for the purpose of education, mostly in the form of scholarships or direct financial aid. You may search by academic level (Precollege, Undergraduate, Graduate, or Postdoctorate), population group (Minorities, Veterans, Disabled, etc.) or subject.
Mapping Your Future
This site includes information to help someone plan a career, select a school, and pay for their education. One section, entitled "Ten Steps to Paying for School," discusses the different kinds of financial aid one can find: scholarships and grants, federal financial aid, and work study. Links to online scholarship resources are provided.
Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust
Founded in 1998, MOST provides scholarships and tuition assistance for elementary students from underprivileged families.
National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) is an association of over 3,000 colleges, universities, career schools, and others with an interest in the effective administration of student financial aid. The Association does not provide financial aid to students, but serves as a clearinghouse of information and resources for parents, students and counselors.
Princeton Review: Scholarships & Aid
Offers tools and tips for finding financial aid, as well as a scholarship search in partnership with
Tennessee BEST
Tennessee's 529 Plan-the Baccalaureate Education System Trust (BEST) Program. Review the details of the plan, download enrollment materials, or request to have the materials mailed to you.
Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
Administers financial aid to assist students in obtaining post-secondary education. Also includes the administration of the Tennessee Lottery Scholarships.