Financial Education

For Kids:

Don't Buy It
PBS Kids created this site to teach kids about spending wisely and avoiding advertising tricks. It is filled with fun games and quizzes that can help kids learn about everything from cereal box prizes to magazine cover tricks.

For Students:

Dow Jones Interactive Learning Center
Loaded with history and trivia, this site allows students to learn about the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the original companies of the Dow.
Designed for students, teachers and parents, this website provides lesson plans and interactive activities for topics such as making change, check writing, creating a budget, and investing.

It All Adds Up
Uses interactive games and modules to teach students about credit management, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, and saving and investing.

Young Money
Early adulthood can be a particularly trying time for maintaining financial stability. This companion site to Young Money magazine is full of news, advice, tools and resources to help students and recent graduates keep everything balanced.

For Adults:

Free Advice - Legal Advice Site for Consumers is intended to offer the most useful, comprehensive, balanced legal information for the public. The topic of financial law, which covers savings, investments and more, is covered here.

MoneyWise Publications
Provides detailed publications on a number of topics in several languages. Examples include: Saving to Build Wealth, Building and Keeping Good Credit, and You Can Bank On It: Banking Basics.

This site, from the National Endowment for Financial Education, includes a resource library with information on financial planning, credit & debt, saving, investing and retirement. They also offer a list of 10 steps consumers can take to start getting smarter about money.

For Seniors:

MoneyWise Publications
Provides detailed publications on a number of topics in several languages. A few publications deal specifically with financial concerns of Older Americans. See: Just Say NO! To Senior Scams and Recognizing Con Games That Target Seniors.