Procurement: Doing Business with the Government

The government buys goods and services at the local government level, the state government level and the federal government level. Your business must qualify to do business with the government. Each government level and each buying agency has specific requirements that must be met before a contract will be awarded. Be sure to review the requirements of each agency to increase your chances of winning a bid!

The "Other Opportunities" link below offers information on services available to assist your business in winning a government contract. These services (most of which are free) may provide the competitive edge your business needs to successfully win a government contract! Be sure to take full advantage of the services that are available.

Local Opportunities

Tennessee Opportunities

Federal Opportunities

Other Opportunities

Procurement Opportunities by State

The website links below connect to each state's purchasing department. These websites will provide the information necessary for completing registration requirements in order to do business with a particular state.