Financial Assistance

  Direct financial assistance for needs such as rent, mortgage, utility assistance, health care or prescription medication is often limited even in better financial times. Such programs also usually have very specific and limiting eligibility criteria. 

  LINC/2-1-1 works to keep updated on current availability of such resources and eligibility requirements.  Please call 2-1-1 for current information on direct financial assistance.  

Contact area houses of worship to see if they have a Benevolent Fund that can assist.  Be aware that some congregations are only able to assist their own members.

Ask family and friends if they can help with a financial gift or loan, either once or on an ongoing basis.   Consult with a credit counselor about your options; see the resources listed under "Credit Counseling/Money Management" or call 2-1-1 for referrals.

Other possible options include: