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Teen Tech Camp 10th Anniversary

2014 Memphis Public Library/SIM
Teen Tech Camp July 21 - July 26, 2014

Space is limited. Please be timely and thorough with your application. Also, please remember that in order to be eligible for the camp, you must be 13-15 years old by June 30th, 2014.


TEEN TECH CAMP DAY ONE from Memphis Public Library on Vimeo.

TEEN TECH CAMP DAY TWO from Memphis Public Library on Vimeo.


TEEN TECH CAMP DAY THREE from Memphis Public Library on Vimeo.


TEEN TECH CAMP DAY FOUR from Memphis Public Library on Vimeo.


TEEN TECH CAMP DAY FIVE from Memphis Public Library on Vimeo.



Teen Technology Camp Information

What is Teen Technology Camp?

Teen Technology Camp is a week long technology-based Summer Camp for teens aged 13 to 15 sponsored by the Memphis Chapter of the Society for Information Management and the City of Memphis Public Library.

Its goal is to provide teens with the opportunity to:



Previous Teen Technology Camps

Teen Technology Camps in previous years (TTC)

TTC 2009 - 2012

Teen Tech Camp starting in 2009 got even better.  The camp now centers around programing with "Scratch" developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Campers developed games and animations using simple programing blocks.  The morning sessions with SIM also changed with the addition of a week long hands on project that really demonstrated the technology involved in ordering, manufacturing, and distributing a product.

TTC 2006 - 2008

Teen Tech Camp for these years focused on "Web-Casting". Campers explored and created new and innovative ways to express their interest using mini-cams and web-casting in a practical setting.

During the week campers learned about the latest in new technology from professionals in the field. Each teen also created a short movie about a topic they had interest in and how they could find information about their topics at the library using mini-cams and web-casting. On Friday, campers presented their video to an audience. Family and friends were invited to attend this presentation.  Teen Tech Camp is free, thanks to a grant from the Society for Information Management Memphis (SIM Memphis).

TTC 2005

The Memphis Public Library & Information Center held its inaugural Teen Tech Camp from July 11 through July 15, 2005 at the Central Library.

Each session built upon what teens had learned the previous day and encouraged working as a team. Programs included a web design introduction, a class on graphic design, a session on blogging and a chance to use the Library's WYPL television studios to plan, film, and edit a group project: a 30-second commercial for the Library that has aired on WYPL TV•18.

Campers were divided into four groups, with the task of designing a web site. On the last day, the web pages were judged by Library and SIM representatives. Awards were given for usability, creativity, graphics, and content.

Teen Technology Camp Finished Projects

Teen Tech Scratch Projects 2009 - 2011

2009 - 2011 was a little different in that projects did not have to be finished by the end of the camp, and new projects could continue to be added after the camp was over.  Some of the projects can be viewed by going to the Teen Technology Camp 2009 Gallery on the Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) website.

Teen Tech Webcasts 2008

TTC08 Webcasts , TTC08 01 , TTC08 02 , TTC08 03 , TTC08 04 , TTC08 05 , TTC08 06 , TTC08 07 , TTC08 08 , TTC08 09 , TTC08 10 , TTC08 11 , TTC08 12 , TTC08 13 , TTC08 14 , TTC08 15 , TTC08 16 , TTC08 17 , TTC08 18 , TTC08 19 , TTC08 20 , TTC08 21 , TTC08 22 , TTC08 23

Teen Tech Webcasts 2007

TTC07 Webcasts , TTC07 01 , TTC07 02 , TTC07 03 , TTC07 04 , TTC07 05 , TTC07 06 , TTC07 07 , TTC07 08 , TTC07 09 , TTC07 10 , TTC07 11 , TTC07 12 , TTC07 13 , TTC07 14 , TTC07 15 , TTC07 16 , TTC07 17

Teen Tech Webcasts 2006

What You Can and Cannot Do at the Library , Webcast 01 , Webcast 02 , Webcast 03 , Webcast 04 , Webcast 05 , Webcast 06 , Webcast 07 , Webcast 08 , Webcast 09 , Webcast 10 , Webcast 11 , Webcast 12


Teen Tech Commercial
for the Library 2005

This commercial was created at the first Teen Technology Camp with the help of the Library's TV station, WYPL.