Literature and Composition


Literature and Composition

The literary world is vast, encompassing the world’s languages and histories in the form of poetry, drama, narrative and literary criticism. Literary resources take up almost half the nonfiction space in the Humanities department. It ranges from creative and practical writing resources to volumes of American, European and global short stories, plays, and poetry. Ample criticisms complement the collection, contextualizing the world’s literature. With the help of the Humanities staff, you can find original texts and resources for homework, research, or just for your own reading pleasure. Useful for both students and scholars, our collection of literary fiction and critical analyses of literature is among the best.

The links below give you an idea of how varied literary resources can be. This page will lead the researcher as well as the casual reader to fresh and up-to-date resources.

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Literary Theory and History

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Literary Awards

There are far too many book awards to list. Below are a few notable prizes in the publishing and writing world, but you find an exhaustive list of American, British, and world prizes at the Wikipedia page for Literary Awards.

Literary Publications and Websites

Like literary awards, there are far too many little magazines, small press journals, and literary reviews to possibly list - but here are just a few.


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