English and Literature

Science, history, politics, everything that makes your world real comes together in literature. Writers help you understand a complex world by funneling it into interesting stories. For instance, when you were reading Bridge to Terabithia, did you realize you were also learning about the changing face of America in the late 70s? Literature puts history in context and makes it easier to swallow. Therefore, books should be read and celebrated! 

Need some ideas on what to read next? Need some help with subject/verb agreement? Maybe you just have to cite a source in MLA for the first time ever. This page can help you sort it all out.

English Homework Help

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - Someday you are going to need a good quote. On that day, visit this site and encounter over 11,000 great ones from Chaucer to Tolstoy.

Citation Machine - Citations may seem painstaking and annoying, but they are way better than plagiarism. The Citation Machine makes citing sources easy though, whether APA, MLA, Turabian or Chicago. Bookmark it during paper-writing season.

Grammar Blast - Having trouble with grammar? These fast quizzes are subdivided by grade level to give you just the right amount of challenge. Improve your grammar chops while getting points!

More about great books

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Children's Literature Web Guide
 - A treasure trove of links to loads of information about the vast and colorful world of children's literature.

Spaghetti Book Club - Would you rather read reviews written by kids like you? The Spaghetti Book Club has about a zillion book reviews by kids on just about any book or author you can think of, for all ages and reading levels.

Read Kiddo Read - Book reviews for all ages in the categories you like the most.