Bookstock 2013 Authors - Hasan-Kerr to Holladay

Author Josephine Hasan-Kerr is coming to Central Library on Saturday, October 5 for Bookstock 2013.Josephine Hasan-Kerr is an evangelist, missionary, and pastor’s wife, who said she lives by these impacting words, “It’s not about what you’ve been through; it’s not about what you’re going through; it’s about where you’re headed.”

Inspired by the Holy Ghost, she authored the book, 6 Steps to Forgiveness, an inspirational guide to learning how to forgive when faced with difficult situations. Freed from various forms of abuse, Hasan-Kerr describes herself as “sold-out” for Jesus Christ, and now she ministers globally.

Raised in southern California, Hasan-Kerr currently resides in Bartlett, Tennessee with her husband and pastor Carey L. Kerr.




Author Cary Holladay is coming to Central Library on Saturday, October 5 for Bookstock 2013.Cary Holladay is the author of seven volumes of fiction: The Deer in the Mirror; Horse People: Stories; A Fight in the Doctor’s Office (Miami UP 2008); The Quick-Change Artist: Stories (Swallow Press / Ohio UP 2006); Mercury (Shaye Areheart Books / Crown 2002); The Palace of Wasted Footsteps (U Missouri Press 1998); and The People Down South (U of Illinois Press 1989).

Holladay’s work has appeared numerous times in New Stories From the South: The Year’s Best. Her awards include an O. Henry Prize and a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

A Virginia native, Holladay teaches creative writing at the University of Memphis, where she is director of the River City Writers Series and a First Tennessee Professor.

She will attend Bookstock 2013 at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library on Saturday, October 5 to promote her book The Deer in the Mirror.