Bookstock 2013 Authors - Lee to Liu

Author Ashton Lee is coming to Central Library on Saturday, October 5 for Bookstock 2013.Ashton Lee was born in historic Natchez, Mississippi, into a large, extended Southern family which gave him much fodder for his fiction later in life. His father, who wrote under the pen name of R. Keene Lee after World War II, was an editor and writer in New York of what is now called Pulp Fiction.

As a result, Lee inherited a love of reading and writing early in life and did all the things aspiring authors are supposed to do, including majoring in English as he attended Sewanee: The University of the South. While there, he studied creative writing under Andrew Lytle, then editor of the Sewanee Review and a member of the Southern Agrarians in the 1920s.

Lee lives in Oxford, Mississippi, where he said he enjoys the amenities of a university town that many writers have called home. He will attend Bookstock 2013 on Saturday, October 5 at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library to promote his book The Cherry Cola Book Club, the story of an upbeat librarian who has been given an ultimatum to increase the library’s circulation or risk seeing its doors close.

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Author Richard Lester is coming to Central Library on Saturday, October 5 for Bookstock 2013.Richard Lester is an American filmmaker and writer of scripts, short stories, and one novel. He has worked on several plays and directed an independent film. He also runs a film review blog entitled A Reel Indication.

Lester calls his writing gritty and satirical, focusing on outlandish characters and the wild situations they embed themselves in.

Heavily influenced by films, namely exploitation movies of the 1970s and noir titles of the 1930s and 1940s, Lester is the author of The Check Out, the story of failing grocery store manager Larry Prescott who inadvertently starts a massacre when he decides to have an extramarital affair.

Lester’s literary influences include Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore, and Donald Ray Pollock. His other interests include history, science, and education.



Author Yi (Yee) Liu is coming to Central Library on Saturday, October 5 for Bookstock 2013.Yi (Yee) Liu, writing under her pen name Yu Chen Gong Wu (meaning Dancing with Dust), started her creative writing career in 2011. She has published two books, Entangled Love (Book One) and Dancing Dust: An Album of 100 Poems. Both books are written in Chinese.

In addition to being an author, Liu is the founder of The NBM Associates, a Memphis-based market research and planning firm. She is an affiliate broker with First National Realty.

Liu is married to Dr. Jianguo (Jay) Yuan. They have four children — Nancy, Brandy, Molly and Samuel. They live in Memphis, Tennessee.