North Branch Library

Address: 1192 Vollintine 38107
Telephone: (901)415-2775
Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Fri. and Sun. CLOSED, Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Storytimes: Wednesday 10 and 10:30 a.m. for preshoolers. Registration required.


Child Care Provider Workshops 2014

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North Branch Library serves the following communities: Klondyke, Evergreen, Chelsea, Smokey City, Vollintine, Greenlaw, New Chicago, Harbor Town.

In addition, the branch serves eleven elementary schools, one middle school, two high schools, four community centers, twenty-one daycare centers, and twenty-two churches. Area recreation includes two swimming pools: Alma Morris Aquatic Center and Bickford Aquatic Center which is open year-around.  The patrons are diverse in interest, education, and income status.




Computers for browsing the Internet (including email), accessing information online, or for use with word processing etc. are available for public use. See the Internet Use Policy and the Computer Assistance Policy for more information. North Branch has the following computers available for public use:

  • 13 Internet computers
  • Two Express Computers or card catalog computers
  • InfoTrac and GaleNet can be accessed through the Internet computers

Paper can be purchased at the check-out desk for 25¢ for 10 sheets.

Individuals can check-out Laptops at the check-out desk to be used at the library. Black and white prints are available for 20 cent per sheet. Color prints are available for $1 per sheet.

We encourage library users to save all documents on flash drives which can be purchased at the desk for $5.50 each. These computers allow the public access to the Internet, word processing, and PowerPoint.



Some of the activities, programs, and projects offered include:

  • Read Aloud Program (YA) called Reading Aloud with my Peers
  • Friends Organization
  • Summer Reading Programs
  • Meetings of community organizations
  • Programs by community groups
  • Mentoring programs
  • Monthly Preschool Story Time
  • Book Club
  • Monthly Children Programs
  • Child care giver Workshop
  • Monthly Rap Session (Young Adult) called Let's Talk Rap About It
  • Monthly Game Day (Young Adult) Having Fun With Board Games

For current program schedules see InfoDATES, News and Events at Your Memphis Public Libraries.


Collection @YOUR LIBRARY



North Branch Library collection consists of the following materials:

  • Fiction, non-fiction, and reference books for children, Young Adults and Adults
  • Audio Cassette Tapes and Compact Discs
  • Books on tape
  • Paperbacks for Juvenile, Young Adults, and Adults
  • Magazines for Children, Young Adults and Adults
  • Lawn and carpentry tools (can be checked out)
  • Entertainment, children, and educational videos
  • African American reference material
  • Books written by African American Authors

The Parent/Teacher center in the branch includes the following information:

  • Books and material for teachers and caretakers of young children
  • Childhood development skills information


Job and Career Information

Job and Career Information

The Job and Career information in the branch includes the following:


  • Resume, cover letter, job hunting and interview preparation books
  • Occupational Outlook handbook Test preparation guide books (GED, SAT, GMAT, etc)
  • Two and four year college information handbooks 
  • Occupational test preparation guides (Postal exam, Nursing Assistant, etc.)
  • College catalogs, admission applications and scheduling information 
  • Scholarship, grant, and internship information
  • The Job Information Notebook contains job listings the library receives from the following companies:
    • JobLinc Schedule&nbsp
    • Memphis/Public Library 
    • University of Memphis 
    • Websites for a variety of Businesses
    • City of Memphis

For more Job and Career information consult the JobLINC Job and Career Center.



The original North Branch was opened in March 1961. It was among the first of many branches to be built during the 60’s. On the blueprints, the name of the branch was to have been Klondyke, reflecting the name of the community in which it is located.

In July 1989, the branch was closed for 12 days when a 20-foot crack developed in the ceiling and the building was declared structurally unsound. Oak timbers were placed to shore the building and the branch was slated for a new building.

On October 1993, the branch was closed to the public because it was being leveled and rebuilt. During the eighteen months of construction, the north staff provided library service through the use of the Northmobile, a mobile bus similar to the bookmobiles but stationary. The architect was Lindy and Associates. The branch was reopened to the public May 1995.

Information was compiled by Diane Cofer and from a publication of HISTORICAL TOURS prepared by the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association.


Meeting Rooms @YOUR LIBRARY

Meeting Rooms

Reservations can be made to use our meeting rooms, which will seat from 36-50 people. The meeting room area can be divided into three smaller rooms or left as one large room.

Items for Sale at Check-Out Desk @ YOUR LIBRARY

The Check-Out Desk at each library has a handy "store" of useful items for sale

Bus Routes

Bus Routes  

In the North Memphis Area the Bus/Transit system can be used for transportation to and from the library by using the following schedules:

  • Number 7 - Air Park/Breedlove and 19 - Vollintine
  • Number 4 - Walker/Chelsea, 10 - Lamar, 11 - Thomas, 52 - Jackson, 40 - Raleigh/Bartlett/Wolfchase and 42 Crosstown also services this area and are accessible to other lines
  • Number 42 goes North and South and is a connector line that provides service to numerous other lines.


Child Care Workshops 2014 Series