Local, State and National

Local, State and National
Organizations, Associations, and Agencies

I. Local and State

(Memphis and the surrounding areas, and state of Tennessee)


Tennessee Lawyers' Association for Women
A bar association organized to improve the status of women attorneys in the legal community and to contribute to the larger community.

Memphis Bar Association
This website provides information and resources to members of the public who have questions relating to legal matters and proceedings in Memphis and Shelby County. In addition, the Memphis Bar Association offers arbitration in fee disputes between attorneys and clients as well as a lawyer referral service. It also has a placement service, free to applicants, the assist support staff in finding positions in local law firms.

Shelby County Courthouse Law Library
The Shelby County Courthouse Law Library maintains a non-circulating law library that is open to the public for in-house use. Telephone reference service and in-room research assistance are NOT available.

Tennessee Bar Association The Tennessee Bar Association offers public service information in a variety of areas and offers contacts and links to other sources.

Lawyer Complaints

Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility
The Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility investigates complaints of ethical misconduct against attorneys.  The last entry on the page leads to the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) which can help people who have questions or problems with their Tennessee lawyer.

Tennessee Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
This web page provides contact information for the fund near the bottom of the page.

Legal Counseling

Community Legal Center
The Community Legal Center provides legal advice, mediation, legal representation and referrals. The Center may provide legal assistance in matters of divorce, adoption, custody disputes, child support settlements, consumer issues (used cars, rental agreements, etc.), Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders, Powers of Attorney/Conservatorships for the elderly, wills and living wills, landlord/tenant disputes, garnishments, conservatorships, guardianships, real estate related matters, commercial/contract disputes, probate matters, family law matters. The Center does NOT provide legal assistance in criminal law, bankruptcies, for victims of personal injury, accidents, violent crimes, medical malpractice, workers compensation injuries or for employment discrimination. Individuals seeking assistance must comply with income eligibility requirements.

Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership offers assistance in civil matters to individuals whose income and resources meet eligibility requirements. Criminal or fee generating cases are not handled.

Memphis Area Legal Services
Memphis Area Legal Services offers assistance in solving problems that affect basic needs for children, families and individuals. It does not provide legal assistance in criminal cases, class action lawsuits or fee generating cases such as personal injury, worker?s compensation or criminal victim?s injury compensation.

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
The agency supports the advance of economic conditions, educational attainment, political influence, health conditions and civil rights of the Hispanic population in the U.S. Among the services it provides are: citizenship and immigration programs and assistance, corporate alliances, technology empowerment programs, national educational service centers, housing, employment opportunities, leadership programs, literacy programs, scholarships, funeral assistance, attorneys and legal assistance, health related programs, religious and spiritual support and police and safety issue programs.

Senior Services
Now called Meritan, helps seniors stay independent. It offers a variety of programs that empower the elderly including training and placement programs and information and referral services. The information and referral services includes assistance in the areas elder abuse and neglect, health services and more.

Legal Certificate Forms Assistance

Shelby County Register
The office of the Shelby County Register records: tax liens, property titles, mortgages, bankruptcy documents, deeds of gifts of estate, marriage settlements, contracts, revoked powers of attorney, real estate conveyances, armed forces discharges and hardship affidavits.


Federal Mediation And Conciliation Service
The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service mediates disputes where an employee representative organization is involved. The agency will also assist with labor contract negotiations that deal with labor groups and management groups. Assistance with labor contraction negotiations that deal with individuals is NOT provided.

Jewish Family Services
The Jewish Family Service provides individual and family counseling, adoption services (including child placement and home studies for international adoptions, home studies, supervision, and counseling for birth mothers), family life and parenting programs, support groups and senior services.

Pretrial Services and Probation - Citizens Dispute Center
Shelby County Division of Community Services
The Shelby County?s Division of Community Services operates the Citizen?s Dispute Program to screen minor disputes prior to obtaining a warrant in General Sessions Court. Cases are scheduled for a hearing before an impartial mediator, who assists in reaching an agreement out of court. The agreement is not legally binding. If either party fails to appear or if an agreement cannot be reached, the individual may take the complaint before a judge. In some cases, referrals are made to more appropriate agencies.

II. National Legal Associations, Organizations, Agencies

National and Specialty Legal Associations
The website, FindLaw for Legal Professionals, provides a listing of links for National and Specialty Legal Associations. These links can provide additional resources that range from general information to specialized information on specific legal topics.

Internet Legal Resource Guide - Legal Associations
This website includes links to national, as well as state and

III. State and Local Legal Associations, Organizations, Agencies

FindLaw State and Local Legal Organizations
The website, FindLaw for Legal Professionals, provides a listing of links for State and Local Legal Organizations. These links provide organizational contacts, which may be chosen by state, which can provide further information resources.

WashLaw WEB - Bar Associations and other Legal Associations
This Washburn University School of Law website provides a listing of links for Legal Institutes, Organizations and Vendors. These links can provide additional resources that range from general to specialized information.