Special Needs

Adaptive Workstation Equipment

Adaptive Workstation

Computer Workstations

  • Anthro Adjusta Unit, 48" W x 31" H x 34"D
  • Easily adjustable furniture to allow wheelchair users and people with different body height and size to adjust the station height and keyboard position.

Screen Magnifier/Reader-Software

  • ZoomText Magnifier/Reader. ZoomText tips handout (Acrobat PDF)
  • Software that assists those with low or no vision by enlarging and enhancing the content on a computer screen, or reading the content aloud through the computer’s speakers or headphones.

20.1 inch Computer Monitor

20.1” Computer Monitor

  • Lenovo ThinkVision L201p
  • Large flat screen monitor to assist those with low vision.



  • SmartCat Touchpad
  • Mouse alternative to aid those with limited hand mobility, shaking hands, and others who find using a standard mouse difficult.



  • Kensington Expert Mouse Pro (corded)
  • Another mouse alternative.

Alternative keyboards - compact

Alternative keyboards – compact

  • Solidtek Low Profile Keyboard
  • Small keyboard (similar to the size used on laptop computers) to assist those with limited hand motion, one-handed typists, and others who can benefit from reducing the distance to be covered on the standard keyboard.

Alternative keyboards - large

Alternative keyboards – large

  • BigKeys LX (Black keys/QWERTY order/optional USB adapter)
  • To aid customers with low vision who do not touch type.

Alternative keyboards – large print labels

  • Key Connection Large Print Keyboard Labels (w/Braille)
  • Alternative for customers with low or no vision who do not touch type.



  • Altec Lansing Studio Headphones
  • Quality headphones allows customers using the screen reading software to hear clearly while minimizing the distractions of background sounds.