Book Reviews by You

Book Reviews by You!

Interested in what kids think about the books they read? These book reviews are sent in by kids using our book review form. We'd love to know what you think!

From Danielle D:

Amelia Bedelia's first apple pie by Herman Perish was a great book! It not only was a funny and loveable story ,but it informed children about diffrent types of apples. Overall, it is a cute little story with great illustrations and a brand new mini- Amelia Bedelia! I highly reccomend it, but it wasn't exacly the "Wow!" I was looking for. Herman Perish is a good author, but he could use some work. The story lacks some funny things and details he could've used. However, I undersand he is trying to put Amelia Bedelia in a new perspective- as a child. This story also focuses on younger aged children compared to Peggy Perishes's grown up  Amelia Bedelia stories. Overall and forever I rate this story as 4 stars. ****