Homework can be challenging, but these weblinks can lead you to lots of great interactive, age appropriate sites to help you through! Who knows, you may end up spending more time enjoying learning than you thought possible.



  • World Book Online Suite - Memphis Public Library and Information Center proudly hosts the World Book Online Suite through Tennessee Electronic Library. Below, you can see links to two of World Book's excellent online resource, but you can find all of the World Book online encyclopedias through MPLIC's database webpage. Just click on Titles A - Z, then find World Book under tab T - Z.



  • ALA Greate Websites for Kids 
    The American Library Association is the top of the line when it comes to great resources, and this site for kids is one of the best. Featuring sites on every subject in an easy to navigate space, this site comes highly recommended.
  • BBC KS2 Bitesize 
    The BBC put together a really nice site dedicated to helping school age kids with science, math, and english. Great fun way to help with learning basics like decimals, fractions, spelling, and general science.
  • Kids.gov 
    This is pretty much one of the coolest kid-friendly sites ever. Check out the arts links under grades K-5 for hours of online art creation. Not to mention the sites for math, science, government, and health.
  • Internet Public Library for Kids 
    Another great source for kid-friendly links in all subjects and categories.
  • Tour Dewey! 
    Need help understanding how to use the public library? The OCLC (that's Online Computer Library Center in longhand) has put together this multimedia tour the Dewey Decimal System to help you out!
  • How Stuff Works 
    Just about anything you can possibly ask a question about has a smart and well-researched answer here. Go ahead and find out something new.
  • BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Help 
    A legitimate collection of quality links in every subject. Especially strong in computer help, which can be hard to find. Even better, you can email your question to Mr. Pinchbeck directly.