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Art, dance, music...all the classes you like best. Learn about the history and people behind your favorite arts, and learn a little about how to be a better artist too.


Local Art Museums

Brooks Museum of Art
Dixon Gallery and Gardens
Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art
Art Museum at the University of Memphis

Awesome Art Websites

The Artist's Toolkit - This site illustrates the visual elements that are the basics of all art. Watch a work of art come together as you learn about line, shape, color and space...then create a little something yourself!

Color With Leo - Young Leonardi DaVinci guides kids through interactive art games to learn about principles of color.

Google Art Project - The Google Art Project lets you tour the world's museums, see the art up close and personal, and learn about the artists and their time - all from your computer screen. This site is so great, you'll find yourself lost in the museum.

Getty Games - The Getty Museum challenges kids to use their sharpest eyes to figure out these challenging games featuring masterpieces of art. 

The Imagination Factory  - Kids today are concerned about the environment, and rightly so. The Imagination Factory brilliantly combines art, craft, and the green revolution with loads of projects using recycled materials. 

Renaissance Connection - Allentown Art Museum brings the Renaissance to vivid life with animation, modern terminology, and an obvious passion for this revolutionary period of art history.

Worldwide Gallery of Kids Art - Kids are naturally gifted artists, and this site displays wonderful art done by real kids from all over the world.

Memphis Music

Stax Museum of American Soul Music
Sun Studio
Memphis Rock n' Soul Museum