Dementia Workshops

Cloud Conrad from New Street Compass brings us this virtual seminar series on Dementia.

Registration is open until June 30th and workshop material will be available from the time of registration until July 31st, 2020.

This seminar series is for residents of Shelby County. Submit your request for the workshops below and instructions will be delivered to your email once we confirm your eligibility.

IS It Dementia? Knowledge, Skill, and Emotional Support for Dementia Caregivers

Who Should Attend: Anyone who wonders whether (or believes) they or someone they love is showing signs of cognitive changes. Also, anyone who works with or alongside seniors in their business or community.

It IS Dementia: Now What?

Who Should Attend: Family members of a person living with dementia in any stage – whether diagnosed or not – should attend this session, particularly those supporting someone in the early or middle stages of dementia. Also, healthcare practitioners new to dementia caregiving.

This program is made available through the All of Us Research Program and the Memphis Library Foundation.