Free Classes at Libraries Introduce New Computer Users to Digital Age

Library customers who feel stuck in the Twilight Zone of technology can breathe easier, thanks to Memphis Public Library’s free monthly computer classes. Whether customers want to keep up with the grandkids or simply learn a new device, these “user-friendly” classes cover a variety of topics ranging from computer and Internet basics to email usage, Excel and more! The best part? Technology – computers, i-pads, and other gadgets – is provided!

Click here to view this month’s class schedule. Recently, morning show Local Memphis Live featured the classes and their profound impact. Click here to view the video!

“The Library is fulling a unique need in the community,” commented Damone Virgilio, staff development manager and course instructor. “We provide a basic level of instruction designed for people who have little to no understanding of computers and digital devices. And, we purposely limit the amount of material we cover in each session so that leaners can process the information and not become overwhelmed.”

This step-by-step learning process takes students at their own pace and, with small class sizes, participants get the individualized attention they need to excel in a supportive and social environment.

“Class sizes are capped at 12,” Virgilio continued. “This allows instructors to key in on students who are having difficulty with a concept and to answer their specific questions. The atmosphere is welcoming, allows for open questions, and is focused on ensuring that each student has an opportunity to be successful.”

Virgilio said that senior citizens are especially attracted to these classes, as they are ushered into the digital world – sometimes for the first time!

For more information about monthly computer classes, call your local Memphis Public Library location.


By: Marcey Wright, public relations supervisor