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Religion and Philosophy

Religion and Spirituality

Used regularly by believers from all faiths as a source of inspiration, reflection and scholarly study, this extensive and diverse collection includes books, cassettes, DVDs, and reference sources. Our collection covers all of the major and many of the minor faiths and includes an extensive collection of comparative religion resources and commentaries. We also have devotionals, books of prayer, and spirituality guides.

The links below can be a gateway to informational websites for and about the major faiths and their sub sects. They support our collection and offer a variety of opinions and outside links. Memphis Public Library and Information Center strives to represent all faiths and opinions, but does not support any one in particular.






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The main questions in philosophy are “Who are you?” and “Where does the world come from?” As its Greek derivation suggests, philosophy is all about the love of wisdom, and following these questions through the various avenues of understanding. Questioning is fundamental in the quest to understand any concept, any field of endeavor, anything inside or outside the universe.

If loving wisdom and asking questions is the philosopher’s delight, it is truer still that exploration of the assumptions of EVERYTHING-and we mean everything, is then the calling of the philosopher.

If this is your calling, browse our philosophy books or the websites below to pique your curiosity.



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