Visual Art and Craft


Visual Art and Craft

This impressive collection will put you in touch with the great art of the ages with beautiful, glossy art books with full-color reproductions as well as biographies of artists and other art-related materials. There are also instruction guides for how to paint, draw, sculpt, and create other kinds of art. Scholars will relish our collection of criticisms and theories while novices will be attracted to our volumes of art appreciation.

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Crafting and Handmade Art

  • Martha Stewart Crafts - The iconic mother of the modern crafter shares techniques and ideas on her webpage.
  • Craft Zine - Lots of current and creative how to’s - knitting, sewing, and many many more craft ideas.
  • Craftster - An online forum for crafters of all kinds.
  • Cut Out and Keep - A social network for crafters who want to trade and share techniques.
  • Supernaturale - One of the longest running craft communities on the web.
  • Interweave - Head site of a network of excellent crafts and arts magazines. You’ll find loads of patterns and how-tos here.
  • Instructables - Step by step how-tos for just about everything, but especially tech hacks, robots, and other geeky, awesome things to do.
  • Etsy - The online marketplace to buy and sell handmade goods. Be sure to check the blog for how-tos, featured crafters, interviews, and articles.
  • Pinterest - Online inspiration pinboard used for many things, but excellent for finding and keeping links and photos of crafts you love.
  • Knitty - Online knitting magazine full of free patterns, contests, and inspiration.
  • Crochet Me - Online magazine for those more inclined to crochet.