Kids’ Puppet Show Teaches Important Life Lessons

Bring your kids to meet “The Kids on the Block,” life-sized puppets who teach important life lessons through stories of conflict, resolution and lasting friendship. This one-time, family-friendly puppet show is coming to Cordova Library (8457 Trinity Road) 11 a.m. – noon, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018 for a free performance, followed by arts and crafts.

Customers will notice that some puppets have physical conditions, such as Down Syndrome, blindness or may be in a wheelchair. But, during the show, children will learn that these differences don’t matter at all.

“Everyone has value. Everyone’s opinion and values matter,” said Children’s Librarian Sharon Evrard. “The show is an empowering story about friendship and making communities better. Kids will learn the value of friendship and that there’s always a solution to every problem.”

After the show, kids and their families will meet the puppet players and make puppets of their own during a special arts and crafts time. All materials will be provided.

For more information about “The Kids on the Block” puppet show at Cordova Library, call (901) 415-2764.


By: Marcey Wright, @MarceyWrite