Health Statistics

  • Tennessee Department of Health: Health Statistics The Division of Policy, Planning, and Assessment (PPA) is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and sharing data to inform health policy and planning. PPA provides health reports, fact sheets, and visualizations (charts, graphs, maps, etc.) of data related to Tennesseans’ health.
  • Injury Facts 
    The National Safety Council’s reference source for safety statistics provides data on preventable injuries and deaths. Not all data is available yet online, but Memphis Public Library has hard copies of the publication dating back to 1999.
  • Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank 
    The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published this “authoritative source for current U.S. statistics on cosmetic surgery” that covers 39 cosmetic procedures and offers 8-year comparisons.
  • American Hospital Directory 
    The American Hospital Directory’s website provides detailed information on almost every hospital in the United States.  It has a free state-by-state listing of hospital profiles to serve as a standard for comparison for users.
  • Trust for America’s Health 
    The Trust for America’s Health, a nonprofit organization, works to “make disease prevention a national priority.”  Included on this website is a section entitled “Your State’s Health” which provides brief statistics on such areas as the percentage of adults with asthma or the percentage of obese adults.  It also covers cancer tracking mechanisms and bioterrorism preparedness at the state level.

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