American Bankruptcy Institute
From the American Bankruptcy Institute, this website offers answers to frequently asked questions about bankruptcy. It “is designed to help consumers survive money problems, rebuild their credit and recover before or after bankruptcy.” They also have a list of links and a separate website for resources.

Bankruptcy at
This site provides an array of resources for those in in search of legal information including free peer-reviewed legal articles focusing on bankruptcy law and a FAQ answered by leading lawyers.

FindLaw – Bankruptcy and Debt
FindLaw is an extensive website that provides links to resources in over 30 areas of law. This web page connects directly to the area on bankruptcy and debt. 

Free Advice is intended to offer the most useful, comprehensive, balanced legal information for the public. The topic of bankruptcy is covered here. 

Managing Money – Bankruptcy: Your Right to a Financial Fresh Start
Consumer Action’s Managing Money Project website houses its MoneyWi$e educational materials. This publication provides information on personal bankruptcy.

Money Management International
Money Management International, a nonprofit community service organization located in Houston, Texas, provides “professional financial guidance, counseling, community-wide educational programs, and debt management assistance.” 

Nolo Legal Encyclopedia – Property and Money – Bankruptcy
Maintained by the legal publisher Nolo, this web page offers information on bankruptcy in lay person language. 

United States Bankruptcy Court – Western Division of Tennessee
Bankruptcy information, forms, fees and resources can be found at this website maintained by the United States Bankruptcy Court system. This page is specific to the Western Division of Tennessee which includes Memphis and Shelby County and the surrounding areas of Tipton, Fayette, Dyer and Lauderdale counties.

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