Checkbook Balancing Lessons
MoneyInstructor.com offers a tutorial to teach consumers how to balance their checkbooks. The site also provides a bank reconciliation form and instructions on how to use it. 

Dollar Stretcher
A guide for stretching each dollar to its greatest potential. This offers tips on how to save money on all types of things:  food, home decorating, wedding planning, etc. Scroll down to the Dollar Stretcher Library for a complete index.

Money Essentials – Making a Budget
Money Essentials, presented by CNN, offers easy-to-read lessons on various financial topics. This guide introduces the user to the basics of spending and budgeting. 

Personal Budgeting Worksheet
The National Credit Union Association provides information on types of expenses to include in a budget and a link to a budget worksheet from the FTC.

Personal Finance @ Duke
Duke University has good budgeting tools for college students who are managing their money for the first time.

Student Aid
The U.S. Department of Education has basic budgeting information for college students who are learning how to handle their finances and student aid.


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