American Bar Association – Tax Tips
From the American Bar Association, information on taxes and other legal topics, as well as links to helpful legal resources, can be found at this website.

FindLaw – Money Matters – Tax Law
FindLaw is an extensive website that provides links to resources in over 30 areas of law. This web page connects directly to the area on tax law.

Free Advice – Legal Advice Site for Consumers is intended to offer the most useful, comprehensive, balanced legal information for the public. The topic of taxes is covered here.

Internal Revenue Service
This website, maintained by the Internal Revenue Service, offers tax forms (for current and prior years), IRS publications and instructions, and frequently asked questions about exemptions, deductions and credits.

Maintained by the legal publisher Nolo, this website offers information on taxes, in lay person language.

Shelby County Trustee
This website, maintained by the Shelby County Trustee, provides information on the types of taxes collected in Shelby County. It includes information on realty, personalty and other tax types. Users may look up or pay taxes online.

Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants
This website offers information, from Tennessee CPAs, on how to save on taxes, how to avoid common tax filing mistakes, how to find a CPA, and much more.

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