Notices for Due Dates and Holds

The Library offers courtesy notifications regarding hold and overdue items.  You can be notified about due dates and possibly holds by one of three ways.

Email Notices

First, you can be notified via email. We will send you notices about upcoming due dates and any past due dates. You will also be notified via email about any holds that you have placed. 

Telephone Notices

Second, you can choose to be notified via telephone. An automated message will notify you of any past due dates, as well as holds.

You may also call our automated telephone system to check on your account at any time (even if you have selected another method of notification). 

More Details on Calling the Automated Telephone System

NOTE: Instead of calling our automated telephone system, you could just log into your account and find the same information.  

The Library’s automated telephone service allows you convenient access to your account at almost any time of the day or night.

You have access regardless of your work or school schedule, or whether the library is open or closed.  Use this service to:

  • Get a reminder of what materials you have checked out
  • Find out if any materials are overdue
  • Get a list of any fines you owe
  • Learn what items you put on hold are ready for pick-up
  • Renew materials
  • Change your PIN

To use the automated telephone service, call 452-2047. Enter your library card number and PIN number when prompted. Then, just follow the automated voice prompts to access the services you need. 

In addition to calling in to the system, you can have the system call you. If you choose telephone notification as the primary way for the Library to contact you, rather than e-mail or postal mail,you will automatically receive calls when materials you’ve requested are ready for pick-up, or when your checked-out items are overdue. (If we can’t reach you by phone, we will send you a reminder about your overdue items by U.S. mail. Postal notification is not available for our holds service.)

To select or change your preferred notification option, call us at (901) 415-2702, e-mail us, or call or visit your favorite branch.

U.S. Mail Notices

You may also choose to be notified via mail. You will only be notified about past due dates if you choose this method.  Hold notices are not mailed.