Searching for eBooks and eAudio Books

We provide eBooks and eAudio books via two different services (OneClickDigital and OverDrive).  More information on these services can be found on the eCollection (eBooks & More) page.  You can search each service’s collection directly, or you can search the entire eBook eAudio collection from our catalog.

Searching for eBooks and eAudio Books from our Catalog

You can limit your searches to “All eBooks & eAudio”, “eAudio Books”, or “eBooks” by selecting the options in the Search Limit dropdown to the left of the Search bar.

eBook eAudio Search Limit

Each result will have a link that states “Click here for availability and download information.”  This takes you to the OneClickDigital or OverDrive page for that title.  You would need to follow that link to see if the title is actually available to download.

eBook eAudio URL

From that point, there are different methods for logging in depending on the service.  Please see the eCollection (eBooks & More) page for details on getting started for each of these services.

Searching Each Service’s Collection Directly

You can also search each service’s collection directly.  For example, our OverDrive service is the only one that provides Kindle format.  If you are solely interested in the Kindle format, then you should just search the OverDrive collection directly.  The eCollection (eBooks & More) page includes direct links to each service.  Just click on the service’s logo that is prominently displayed on that page.