fdlp logoThe Memphis Public Library is part of the FDLP (Federal Depository Library Program).  It includes material in paper, microfiche, DVD, and electronic documents.  The documents are located in the Central Branch Departments and in a storage facility on site.  Please ask a reference librarian if you need more help in finding a particular document or the information that you need. We also have a wealth of information online. Just use the menu below to browse our online collection of government information.

GovInfo – This site is a comprehensive collection of government publications submitted by Congress and other federal agencies. It includes major government documents like the Budget of the United States Government, Code of Federal Regulations, and other core documents.

MarciveWeb Docs – You can search for all United States government publications issued to federal depository libraries since 1976 using MarciveWeb DOCS. MarciveWeb DOCS is the World Wide Web version of Marcive’s Government Printing Office record database.

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