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The White House
Highlights of today’s press releases, a virtual library of White House documents. 

The Federal Judiciary HomePage [1] 
This site functions as a clearinghouse for information from and about the Judicial Branch of the United States Government. Frequently Asked Questions about U.S. Courts are found here, the text of judicial documents intended for public review are found here, and links to individual Federal Courts web sites where court opinions may be found are included.

United States House of Representatives [2]
Information about current House members and House Committees is found here, as well as summaries of recent committee actions, committee reports, and current House floor proceedings. You also have access to House votes, and you can link to the Congressional Record from here. It is a great site to track legislation on.

United States Senate [3]
Information on Senators and Senate leadership, Senate committees, and legislative activities is available on this site. A virtual tour of the Senate is also another feature of this site, as well as FAQs and links to other related sites. 

United States Congressional Serial Set [4]
The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is an index that allows the user to decide which Serial volume numbers were assigned to certain congressional documents or reports. It runs from 1970 to the current published edition.

Official Federal Government Sites [5]
Direct links to executive agencies, independent agencies and boards and commissions. 

Congress.gov [6]
Congress.gov will be replacing the Thomas website in 2013.  Expanding beyond the law and the legislation of the United States, it will also have profiles of the members of congress, past & present. Students and teachers can watch videos that show the legislative process.  Finally, past laws and legislation can be searched.  

Department of State – Office of Treaty Affairs [7]
A website that can be used to find treaties between the United States and other countries. This site searches Treaties in Force (TIF), pending treaties, and other international agreements.

Executive Orders Disposition Tables Index [8]
Lists executive orders of the President, going back to Herbert Hoover in 1929. Through executive orders, the president manages the federal government. Starting with the Herbert Hoover presidency (1929), a subject listing is also provided for easier searching within the website. 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services [9]
Formerly the Immigration and Naturalization Service, this website provides information about the agency as well as info about the services
of this agency.

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants [10]
This guide, written in 14 languages, provides practical information for immigrants coming to the U.s. It tells about everyday life, along with basic civic information on the U.S. Government. Adobe Acrobat is needed on your computer to view this document.

Memphis: A Sub Office of the New Orleans District [11]
Information about the Memphis office of the USCIS as well as hours of service and other topics.

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