Federal Legal Resources

Constitution of the United States 
Original text of the Constitution with links to amendments.

Constitution of the United States, Analysis and Interpretation
Constitution and amendments annotated with references to United States Supreme Court Cases.

United States Code 
The U. S. Code is the current, official compilation of the laws of the United States. It is divided into 50 titles and kept current by supplements. You may also link to another searchable version of the Code available at the Cornell University Legal Information Institute U.S. Code site or you can go to the searchable version at the U.S. House of Representatives Office of the Law Revision Counsel.

Federal Register 
Published Daily, the Federal Register contains the proposed rules of all federal agencies. By law, any proposed rule must be published first in the Federal Register for public scrutiny. The Federal Register contains other government documents, such as Presidential Proclamations, Executive Orders, and other documents required to be published by an act of Congress.

Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) 
The C.F.R. contains all the rules and regulations currently in force for all federal agencies. The rules and regulations are as much the law as the statutes found in the U.S. Code. The C.F.R. is also divided into 50 titles, many, but not all, corresponding to the titles of the U.S. Code.

Congressional Bills 
Congress.gov, created by the Library Congress, allows searching for texts of bills going back to the 94th Congress, and for the full text of bills beginning with the 101st Congress. Congress.gov includes a Listing of Bills for the Current Congress, this Bill List provides a sequential index of House and Senate bills by bill number. 

Congressional Hearings on the Internet
This site allows searching for Congressional Hearings by Committee, by Government Agency, by Lobby Group, and by Subject.

Congressional Record
The Congressional Record contains a record of the debates, supposedly verbatim but often revised, held on the floors of the United States Senates and United States House of Representatives. It also includes the introduction of bills, resolutions, and amendments on a Congressional day; the text of many bills and resolutions; Presidential messages; and other types of communication or remarks made by individual Senate and House members.

A Guide to Presidential Documents 
Search here for Executive Orders, Proclamations and other Presidential documents.

Federal documents that are open for review in the Federal Register may be found and reviewed here, and comments on the documents may be submitted. The site is intended to make it easier for the citizen to participate in the rule-making process. A citizen can submit comments on a regulation and have the government take his or her view into account.
U.S. Tax Code On-Line 
The complete text of the U.S. Tax Code can be accessed here in a variety of ways.

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