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NOTE: The sites below contain extensive and helpful legal information, but none of the sites listed below can be used as substitutes for the personal advice that you may need from a lawyer.

Most of the sites themselves have disclaimers stating that laws are constantly changing and that only a lawyer can provide specific advice on which you can depend.

Extensive legal information is found in the sites, and much of it is geared to the lay person, but personal advice from a lawyer may be necessary for anyone doing legal research.

Tennessee Legal Forms Library 
This database offers free Tennessee Legal Forms on topics including Bankruptcy, Divorce, Name Change, Power of Attorney, Sample Letters, Wills, and many others.

WARNING: Public users should consult an attorney for serious legal matters.

State of Tennessee Advance Care Plan and Appointment of Health Care Agent 
In the State of Tennessee, The Advance Care Plan and Appointment of Health Care Agent forms are taking the place of the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney forms; however, a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney are still acceptable as a means of advance health care decision making. These documents can be used to inform you family and doctor of your decisions about your health care should you become unable to decide for yourself. You can also use these forms to appoint someone you know and trust to be your health care decision maker.

Shelby County Register 
The office of the Shelby County Register records: tax liens, property titles, mortgages, bankruptcy documents, deeds of gifts of estate, marriage settlements, contracts, revoked powers of attorney, real estate conveyances, armed forces discharges and hardship affidavits.

All Law Forms – Key Sites 
Links to sites containing all kinds of legal forms.

ILRG Legal Forms Archive 
This site offers a wide variety of legal forms, including buying and selling agreements, transfers and assignments, leases and tenancies, many different kinds of personal forms, and more. Many useful forms included, but please be sure to read the disclaimer done by the publishers of this page.

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