Summer Camps FAQ

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When will applications be accepted?

Applications were accepted from April 5 – May 8.  The deadline has passed. Applications will no longer be accepted.


Is there a cost associated with the Library Summer Camps?

Memphis Public Libraries Camps are free for the youth who have been accepted into the camps. These camps are available for the Memphis/Shelby County community through generous funding opportunities and partnerships.


Will there be food provided for the camp participants?

Yes, food will be provided to the camp participants. A full sack lunch will be provided each day through Glory Lynn Deliverance Temple, a non-profit, USDA approved organization. We will work to accommodate camp participants who have any food allergies.  Please let us know on the camp application if your child has any food allergies.


Will there be breaks scheduled throughout the camp day?

Yes.  There will be multiple breaks built into each camp for teens to use the restroom, make calls, eat a snack, or handle any other needs that they may have. Camp participants are allowed to bring light snacks such as chips and crackers from home.


Is there an age requirement for the camps?

Yes, each camp has an age requirement. You must be the proper age for the designated camp by the start date of the camp.


Where do I go to apply to the Library Summer Camp?

Deadline to apply has passed.


What will the camp participants learn during the Library Summer Camps? 

The Memphis Public Libraries has qualified staff dedicated to executing a rigorous and engaging curriculum each day during the camp. Teens will have the opportunity to learn music production techniques, coding, art, robotics, and other STEM-focused curriculum. The goal is to have camp teens produce some type of project at the end of each camp. Depending on the camp, the ending project will either be completed as a group or individually.


What is the structure of the Library Summer Camps?

Each camp has a lead facilitator that will teach the participants. Most camps will also have a co-facilitator to help aid students as well as an experienced student peer. In addition to the facilitators, each camp will have at least 1 Memphis Public Library Staff representative on hand. Participants are asked to arrive about 15 minutes before the camp starts. Each Library Summer Camp starts promptly at their designated time. Camp participants will follow their structured camp schedules as guided by their facilitators.


What happens if my child has an emergency?

If there is an emergency with your child during one of our summer camps, we will notify the parent/guardian listed in our camp records. Library protocol states that we must notify the parent/guardian as well as the appropriate emergency services in life-threatening emergencies.


How can I see the work that my child has done over the course of this camp?

Parents will be invited to attend a showcase where they will be able to see their child’s work as well as other projects produced during their child’s camp.  Camp participants will give a brief presentation and demonstration of their creations.


Can I apply to more than one camp?

Yes.  You may apply to as many camps as you would like!


I submitted my application, now what?

Applications are reviewed by Memphis Public Library Staff. Teens will be selected on the strength of their application, and if they are deemed to be a good fit for the specific camp that they applied to. Some reasons why an application may not be accepted are:

  • The application was not completely filled out.
  • The application was not submitted by the deadline. The deadline for applications is May 8th.
  • Insufficient essay responses, any application that failed to thoughtfully and completely respond to the essay questions was not considered.


I submitted an application and was accepted into a Summer Camp. What happens next?

Parents will receive a camp packet from the Memphis Public Library. This packet will include more in-depth information on the particular camp that the child will be attending. It will also address camp dates, times, arrival time, how to dress, and general rules and guidelines for the summer camps.  We will also follow up with a phone call to each parent as a courtesy reminder for the specific camp that their child has been accepted into. We will also host an orientation for the parent and child to come to for more information on the camp, meet the facilitator, and turn in all necessary paperwork for your child. If you are not able to make the orientation, paperwork must be turned in on or before the first day of the camp that the child is participating in.


What other opportunities do you have for our youth during the summer in the library system? 

Memphis Public Library is proud to have a number of engaging programs throughout the summer for our youth. Remember that teens 13 – 18 can still participate in any of our free workshops in CLOUD901! This summer we’re open Mondays – Thursdays 1pm- 8pm, Saturdays 10am – 5pm, and Sundays 1pm – 5pm. Visit our Events Page to see a calendar of all our events or check out our Events at the Library Page to see events divided into useful topic lists (teens, adults, etc.).


I’m having technical difficulties with the application, or another question about the camps that is not covered in the FAQ. Who can I reach out to?

Please submit any inquiries to

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