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Cordova Library Offers Customers Cheap Rates on ‘International Travel’

By: Marcey Wright

International Storytimes at Cordova Library take children and families around the world!

International travel just got a lot cheaper for Memphis Public Library customers. Children and families can experience the sights and sounds from around the world at one of Cordova Library’s International Storytimes.

“Each program is presented by someone who has either lived in another country or is from another country,” explained Sharon Evrard, storytime organizer and Cordova Branch librarian. “Presenters are allowed to include anything they feel best highlights their homeland.”

In addition to great storytelling, regulars to International Storytimes have enjoyed Indian and German folk dances, viewed Nigerian movies, played Native American games inspired by the Chickasaw and Cherokee tribes, enjoyed Chinese and Korean dance performances, and even shopped at an Ethiopian marketplace offering food, clothing, brassware, and lots more! Evrard said the topics of discussion are nearly endless. “We have learned about landforms and weather in desert and tropical countries, about the history of other countries, as well as schools and favorite foods kids enjoy in different parts of the world,” she said.

The "itinerary" of 2014 International Storytimes (11 am) is below!

  • March 15 – Poland
  • May 10 – Turkey
  • July 12 – Nicaragua
  • September 13 – Ukraine
  • November 8 – Mexico

First started in 2005, the program began as a way to celebrate diversity in the Cordova community but as more customers discovered International Storytimes, the program took flight. “We have visited more than 40 countries all over the globe,” Evrard said. “International Storytimes present a larger world to children – toddlers to teens – and their families. Kids love to learn about other kids, other animals, and other places. The Library supplies books and other material, but the best part is talking and listening to someone who is from another country. By sharing stories, music, food and fun, a great presenter can make customers feel like they are visiting the country themselves,” Evrard commented, adding that the benefits are two-fold. “Also, presenters who are new to America feel rewarded, welcomed, and needed at Memphis Public Libraries. And that’s a big deal!”

For more information about International Storytimes at Cordova Library, call (901) 415-2764.