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Library’s New eBooks Service for Kids Brings Storytime to Life

By: Marcey Wright

Enjoy the Library's new TumbleBooks collection just for kids!

Storytime just got a little more "interactive" with Memphis Public Library’s new TumbleBooks collection – a web-based e-book service designed especially for young readers.

Library customers can now enjoy animated and talking picture books among the Story Books collection, math stories, read-along chapter books, language learning tools, videos, puzzles and games, and more!

“Story Books bring children’s picture books to life with animation and audio narration,” explained Library Collection Development Manager Alan Stewart. “A beginning reader can following along with highlighted words while they listen, or they can turn off the audio and read independently. They can pause the story, rewind it, fast forward, and control the pace of the story,” he said.

Easily accessible on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device (using the website’s mobile version), TumbleBooks is available through the Library’s website. Parents can simply click the Mona Lisa button labeled “eBooks & Audiobooks” located on the homepage, and then select the TumbleBooks icon in the left pane. The “TumbleBook Library” will appear offering customers a list of options to choose from, including a site tour.

Stewart continued, “Interactive e-books can help children to improve their reading comprehension skills and to ‘de-code’ new words. Voice narration also aids them in pronunciation of particular words and with understanding syntax.”

Whether a bedtime story or a creative way to keep kids entertained, parents now have access to this new Library service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Memphis Public Libraries are committed to supporting the development and improvement of literacy in our community, using all resources available. New digital services like TumbleBooks provide new opportunities for engaging children and helping them to become lifelong readers and learners,” Stewart concluded.

Click here to start using TumbleBooks today! For more information about the new service, call (901) 415-2708.