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Wednesday October 31, 2012
COP Satellite Office (2466 Peres)
4:30-7:30 P.M.

Healthy Halloween CelebrationThe COP Unit is proud to announce the first Annual COP "Healthy Halloween" celebration at the COP Satellite Office (Corner of Hollywood and Peres). The program is being sponsored by the COP Team, Rhodes College, Building Futures, Palazola Produce, Hollywood Branch Library and Douglas K-8 Optional School. Mrs. Dorothy Cox (Rhodes College) will sponsor the Halloween Decorations.

The Hollywood Library Staff and Douglas K-8 Optional School will read books to the children as well as help the COP Team with numerous other assignments. Building Futures will provide a light dinner and snacks for the children's Halloween Bag. The COP Unit will teach safety classes, show movies, dress as monsters inside the "Haunted House" and work hard to make this Halloween a special one for children throughout the North Memphis Area. Palazola Produce has agreed to provide a variety of fruits to place in the childrens Halloween Bag at the end of this event.