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The Memphis Public Library & Information Center is pleased to announce the arrival of its new JobLINC mobile bus. The state-of-the-art vehicle will travel to community centers, library branches, grocery stores, and other public areas throughout the city to help citizens find employment.

New JobLinc Bus UnveiledThe new mobile unit is environmentally friendly, featuring solar panels, LED lighting, and a clean fuel engine. It is also ADA compliant and is equipped with a wheelchair lift. The vehicle houses ten computer workstations with Internet access and printers as well as a private interview area and media equipment for training purposes.

The bus will serve more than 12,000 customers a year, providing one-on-one assistance with job searches, training opportunities, resume preparation, and on-line applications. It will travel to multiple locations throughout the city five days a week to provide help. The unit will be equipped with computers, printers, Internet access, and job resource materials.

The Memphis Library Foundation received a grant from the Plough Foundation for the purchase of the new JobLINC vehicle. It replaces an out-of-service unit that has served the City of Memphis since 1990 but has not been operational since 2010.

Memphis Library Foundation Chairman Ron Coleman states, “The Library Foundation is proud to merit Plough’s support of this important project. We are fortunate to have a local foundation that recognizes the value of the services offered by the library. I am pleased to be able to partner with Plough and the Library to fulfill this important community need, and we look forward to having a new and improved JobLINC bus back on the road in the near future.”

Library Director Keenon McCloy also said, “We are extremely grateful to the Plough Foundation for supporting this important project. The support services that the Library is able to provide through JobLINC are truly essential in these difficult economic times. Thanks to the Plough Foundation, the Memphis Public Library will be able to take job and career services to all corners of Memphis and make a significant impact in our community with this mobile service vehicle.”

Visit the JobLINC Schedule page in the future for schedule information.