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ShoWagon Travels to Libraries with Educational Fun

Memphis Theatre ShoWagon Travels to Libraries with Educational Fun

By: Marcey Evans

Memphis Theatre ShoWagon visits Cornelia Crenshaw Branch Library to share a Cinderella story with kids.

Television is more entertaining when it comes to life. It captivates the youngest of audiences. Theatre Memphis ShoWagon brought the Cinderella story to life for an enamored group of children on Monday, March 11, 2013 at the Cornelia Crenshaw Branch Library.

A modernized version of the classic tale, the show was entitled Dandelion Wishes: A Cinderella Story. Despite variations from the original plot, the story’s effect was the same. “The kids clap. They smile. They’re into the storyline, and they are animated along with the cast,” said Keva Pounder, Youth Librarian at the Crenshaw branch. “ShoWagon always does a great job. They capture kids’ attention with up-to-date music and by localizing the story.”

Traveling from branch to branch over kids’ spring break, Theatre Memphis ShoWagon incorporates an educational component into entertainment. “They (cast) ask questions about the plot and setting at the end of the play. The kids are paying attention. The children just think they’re watching a cool story over spring break, but they’re really learning,” Pounder said.

The learning will continue at several libraries throughout Memphis. Other branches hosting ShoWagon this week are the East Shelby Library (7200 E. Shelby Drive), Randolph Library (3752 Given Avenue), and Gaston Park Library (1040 S. Third Street). For specific show dates and times, call each branch.

For more details about fun programs happening at your local library, visit www.memphislibrary.org or call (901) 415-2700.