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Second Editions Bookstore is One-Stop Shop for Signed Book Lovers

The Signed Book Sale at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library has been discontinued, effective December 31, 2013. Check back at the "What's New?" section to see if these great sales will return!

By: Marcey Evans

The monthly Signed Book Sale is coming to Second Editions Bookstore on June 1. Don’t miss it!An author’s signature adds a personal touch to a book, turning it from printed words on bound pages to its owner’s treasured possession.

“People develop strong feelings for their favorite authors and having a signed book means that the author actually held it long enough to sign it,” said Sherman Dixon, Friends of the Library volunteer.

Hundreds of these valued items are available for sale during the first week of each month throughout the remainder of the year. For a limited time, signed book lovers can take advantage of this sale at the Second Editions Bookstore, located in the lobby of the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library (3030 Poplar Avenue).

Friends of the Library volunteers say shoppers will find racks of signed books on a variety of topics ranging from fiction to politics to sports and much more. “There will really be some nice (signed) books for the first week of each month,” said Friend of the Library volunteer Herm Markell. “This is a very unique opportunity for people to own a (signed) book whose author is meaningful to them.”

After years of collecting signed book donations, Friends of the Library volunteers say Second Edition’s customers can choose from a list of familiar names. “We have now accumulated enough signed copies to offer a wide and impressive selection that will appeal to a large number of customers,” Dixon said.

Authors whose names appear among the signed collection include sports figures like John Calipari and Terry Bradshaw; political figures like Lamar Alexander, John McCain, and Jimmy Carter; general fiction writers like James Patterson, Sue Grafton, Lee Smith and Mitch Albom; local names from the Tri-State area like John Grisham, Hampton Sides and Eudora Welty, and the list goes on.

“Books will be changed every month to give people who want to buy (signed) books a normal stop,” said Markell. “Second Editions is a quality place!”

In addition to quality items, customers are certain to love the affordable deals. “Our prices will be consistently lower than market prices,” Dixon promised.

For more information on the monthly signed book sale or Second Editions Bookstore, call (901) 415-2836.