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Teens Gather to Learn ‘How to Find a Job’

Teens Gather at Whitehaven Library to Learn 'How to Find a Job'

By: Marcey Evans

Whitehaven Branch Librarian Jason Sharp talks to teens about how to find a job.Landing a job just got easier for teens at the Whitehaven Branch Library on March 12, 2013. The crowd of young adults gathered for the audience-specific seminar on “How to Find a Job,” led by librarian Jason Sharp.

Sharp offered teens a word of advice on the importance of proper presentation, resume writing and interview tips, along with a list of which companies hire teens.

“Have a good resume ready,” Sharp advised. “Present yourself well and dress appropriately.” He also reminded teens that presentation doesn’t just refer to one’s appearance but to dialect as well. “Remember you are talking to an esteemed adult,” he advised. “Think of speaking to your principal.”

Teenager Angel Walker said she plans to use these pointers in her upcoming interview. “I’m a little nervous,” she admitted, “but this [seminar] is something that will help me in the future, since I recently applied for a job.”

To find a paid position, Sharp suggested volunteering to show initiative and interest. “Call [companies that are hiring], but also visit them,” he added. “This is important because it’s how employers judge you. People want to work with nice people,” he said.

For more information on finding a job for teens, attend Teen Employment Week held at the Whitehaven Branch Library on Tuesday, April 9 – 11, 2013. Call (901) 415-2781 or visit www.memphislibrary.org for details.