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Teens Go 3-D During Central Library's Teen Tech Week

By: Marcey Evans

Teen techies at Central Library learn how to create 3-D models using art program Wings 3-D.Today’s nerds and geeks are tomorrow’s professionals, and the Memphis Public Library and Information Center is committed to supporting this metamorphosis through programs like Teen Tech Week: From Geeks to Nerds. The event, held March 14, 2013 at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library, allowed teen techies a chance to exercise their mental muscles by creating 3-D models.

Using art program Wings 3-D, teens could have fun learning skills that architectures, computer and game animators, and some medical professionals use daily. Central librarian John Lloyd helped to facilitate the event. He said these skills go a long way. “If teens want to pursue a career in this (field), programs like Teen Tech Week would give them a head start in learning how to make 3-D models. It’s something they (generally) don’t have access to in schools.”

Eyes glued to their computer screens, teens took basic skills offered in the course and added to them. “Creative minds go so fast,” Lloyd said. “We (librarians) just open the door. We get them started, and they go much farther.”

Lloyd said classes such as Teen Tech Week: From Nerds to Geeks offer a basic understanding of what it takes to pursue a gaming career. “It (Creating 3-D models) is not easy but, if you’re interested in art, it’s fun to learn.”

For more information on upcoming events for teens, visit www.memphislibrary.org or call (901) 415-2700.