Wi-Fi Access

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Connect at the Library
The Library Provides Free Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi Zone

There are two ways you can connect to the internet with your laptop using either:

Wireless (Wi/Fi)
802.11 B/G/N/A compliant wireless network PC card. Define the Service Set Identifier (SSID) in your wireless configuration software as: Library_Public

Data ports are available for use in some study rooms and selected data tables at most library locations. Ask at the desk. You’ll need a PC Ethernet/Network Card and a Category 5, RJ45 Patch cable.

Access is absolutely free as a service to our customers.

What you should know:
  • Printing – You cannot print directly from your personal computer, but you can save to a storage device (disk, USB modem) then use a library computer and the library debit card printing system.
  • Blocked sites – Wi-Fi and plug-in use is subject to the same filtering software as library computers, so some sites will be blocked based on content.
  • Problems – Fill out a HELP DESK request form. A library employee will contact you as time permits. Visit the Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Access page for more help connecting.

DISCLAIMER: The Memphis Public Library & Information Center assumes no responsibility for your personal computer hardware or software as a result of using the Memphis Public Library network. Library staff cannot plug in, reconfigure or in any other way operate your personal computer.