Memphis Chinese Camera Club

Even though you can’t visit our Goodwyn Gallery, you can still enjoy our exhibits! We are happy to present a virtual exhibit of the Memphis Chinese Camera Club.

Memphis Chinese Camera Club (MCCC), established in 2019 by a group of photography enthusiasts in Memphis area, aims to develop photography skills, exchange photographic ideas, learn from each other and serve the community. As a volunteer organization, members benefit from the platform for non-profit purposes.


Changzhi Yu graduated from Memphis College of Art and he is both a freelance artist and event photographer. He took many pictures of events during his twenty years in the greater Memphis area, such as the Memphis Music Heritage Festival, Chinese New Year performances, school graduations, and wedding ceremonies.

He has carefully gathered some of the best photos taken across three years from Chinese and Chinese – American organized events of the Chinese New Year performance to represent in these displays.

People living in the greater Memphis area are waiting earnestly for the performance as Chinese New Year is coming each year. It is welcomed and appreciated by people as a heritage. Children and adults will perform their acts through careful planning, hard work, and heated spirits. Directors and choreographers begin planning for the next year’s performance as soon as the last one ends. As a photographer, He is great deeply touched by their enthusiasm. They are the reason why he can capture these wonderful moments that become a timeless memory.

Authentic, natural, and lively shots are his aesthetic style. He believes that you can feel the same appreciation he does from the pictures. You can contact him via email.


Yunping Deng is a neuroscience researcher in University of Tennessee Health Science Center for more than 20 years. Photography is his best hobby. He has been pursuing to observe and record the beauty of nature and of human being inner world. Due to limitation of time, his most photographs are focused on his family and surrounding environment.


Ding Wang is a Senior Information Security specialist of FedEx and has been living in Memphis for over 25 years. He is passionate in taking photograph in his spare time, such as landscape, portrait and wildlife.


Guoqing Wei is a software engineer at AutoZone Inc. Being a computer engineer was his dream since school. He never thought he would enjoy anything more than writing code in front of his computer until he bought his first DSLR camera, which is to capture the moments of his newborn baby girl, Amy. The camera changed his view of the world. He found that life is actually always full of beautiful, no matter shape or form.


Jin Yang is a professor of journalism and creative mass media at the University of Memphis. Taking photos makes her life more enjoyable and meaningful. She tries to practice what the female American photographer Annie Leibovitz believed about camera, “It doesn’t turn off and on. It’s on all the time.”


Kening Chen, FedEx retiree. Enjoys travel, taking street portraits, and capturing life’s little moments.


Minnow is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Collierville, Tennessee. She is the present chair of the Memphis Chinese Camera Club (MCCC).

To her, photography is a way of expressing how she feels about everything surrounding her.

To her, retouching a photo is not cheating – if done right! We naturally “retouch” our memories, whether about a loved one or a lost one, a place we visited, or a flower we passed by that touched our hearts… We naturally see beauty and strength. We remember the love and affection. We ignore and forget any blemishes. This is exactly how Minnow wants to capture those precious moments, freeze them and frame them.

To her, the best photography imprints timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come! See more of her art at


Qihong Zhou, M.D., Ph.D., a native of China, has been living in Memphis for 29 years. Besides his work and research in the field of health sciences, he is passionate in traveling the world and seeing it through the lenses. Over the years, his footprints have landed on all seven continents in the world, including the geographic North Pole (90.00º N).

Photographer: Wei Smith

She is a working mother with two kids. Her and her husband both love nature, and the four of them spend most of the free time in the woods. She said she loves photography because it freezes the moments too beautiful to forget: the woods filled with different shade of greens in the early spring; a pregnant mother’s contour in the sunset at a quiet lake; a boy’s excitement as he dressed up as a fireman and felt he can just drove the fire truck away. Needless to say, she loves to take documentary family photos filled with love at the most.

Photographer: Yong Chen

The World through the Lenses

Yong Chen retired from FedEx in 2019 after more than 22 years working as an IT professional in Memphis. The photography is one of his favorite hobbies. He is inspired by the natural beauty surrounding us and fascinated by the magic of photography, which shows us an amazing world through the lenses.