AOC seeks Lab Technicians and Process Operators!

AOC is looking for a Process Operators

Safely and efficiently manipulate reactors and all supporting process equipment in the manufacture of polyester and vinyl ester resin products. This will be accomplished using computer interfaces as well as all manual operations required.  Procures alkyd and resin samples for testing. Make adjustments to batches as indicated in the DCS and by lab personnel.  Preps totes and drums as well as packaging finished products for shipment.  Inspects tank wagons prior to load out and load them per the order detail sheet. Performs any other task they are qualified to do or have received adequate training for. Minimum qualifications include a High School Diploma or equivalent and prior qualification as a Jr. Process Operator. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.


  • Ability to properly manipulate all process related computer programs such as, Hydra, Label Printing, ROW, CMMS as well as Delta V and related functions, such as Automated Micro-Adds, Batch, Resin Transfer and Loadout.
  • Operate reactors and associated equipment, thin tanks and possesses the ability to stop and start process support equipment such as but not limited to:
  •  -Incinerator, (combustion chamber)
  •   -Hot oil system (dowtherm)
  •   -Air compressors
  •   -Boilers
  •   -Generators
  • Procures in-process, finished product and other material samples as required.
  • Inspects and prepares drums and tankers for loading.  Loads and seals drums and tankers.
  • Documents charging, testing, and process control activities as required.
  • Identify possible process related, product or quality problems.

Quality Assessment:

  • Performs minor maintenance and troubleshooting on equipment.  Notify the appropriate personnel of major equipment needs.
  • Uses job experience to recognize abnormal conditions and to suggest modifications to recommend corrections as needed.

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Lab Technicians

Are responsible for determining the suitability of finished products according to customer’s requirements and specification.  Able to substitute for the Lead Lab Technician when required. This job is for 2nd Shift (3:30pm to 11:30pm).

Quality Testing

  • Monitor production samples, and batches to determine compliance to specification.
  • Test and adjust formulated products to specification.
  • Test and adjust resin shipments to meet customer’s specifications.
  • Confirm raw materials meet specifications.
  • Responsible for interacting with computerized data management systems and process control systems as it relates to the lab function
  • Maintain inspection and test records
  • Maintain housekeeping of lab area.
  • Management of shift priorities in the absence of a Quality Lead Lab Technician.


  • Secondary school grad/ Grade 12 equivalency 
  • Must be able to work designated shift (3:30pm to 11:30pm)
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