Bryce Corporaton – Multiple Job Openings

Bryce Corporation is an industry leader in film conversion and the production of innovative flexible packaging. Bryce Corp. creates packaging products for customers in the Food, Snack, Pet Care, Household, along with Health and Beauty industries. As a family owned and operated business, Bryce takes pride in their investments to their customers, employees and shareholders.

We have two facilities where these jobs will be performed:

  1. 4505 Old Lamar – off Perkins, Memphis, TN 38118
  2. 5405 Hickory Hill, Memphis, TN 38118
  •  $17.00 Hourly
  • 2nd Shift Positions (7:00 PM – 7:00 AM) – Lots of Overtime
  • Rotation & Weekend Schedule
  • Please apply online at Opportunities (

Press Assistant

  • Assists the Press Operator in set-up activities by obtaining necessary raw materials (inks, films) for impending job, checking against production order to ensure accuracy, and assembling other required elements such as pans, pumps, covers, etc.
  • Assists Press Operator in loading cylinders (1-10 per job; 75-280 pounds each) into press.
  • Loads proper film onto unwind, checking for defects and maintaining accurate weight records and checking correct side to print on using base film guide.
  • Lifts unwind shafts (approximately 30-75 pounds each) as necessary to remove empty cores and load new ones.
  • Fills ink pumps, secures hoses, and transfers ink to designated printing unit.
  • Sets ink viscosities to prescribed standards using Zahn cup and timer.
  • Lifts and transports ink kits (15-75 pounds each) as necessary.
  • Maintains accurate records on inks, solvents, and related materials coming to press.
  • Maintains adequate ink and film supplies to press and replenishes unwind material as required.
  • Checks and documents ink viscosities at prescribed intervals and ensures ink volume sufficiency.
  • Assists operator in matching printed ink samples to color standards at prescribed intervals.
  • Watches web for problems during operator absence and reacts accordingly.
  • Cleans the equipment and work areas and secures materials for impending jobs as production activity allows.
  • Keeps the floor free of liquid.
  • Returns, with occasional assist from operator, ink and other materials to their designated storage areas with proper information attached.
  • Cleans ink equipment in automatic vat as required.
  • Works with the operator in a manner necessary to facilitate learning, preparing for the job of Press Operator as a mandatory promotional step and or emergency situations.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Lamination Assistant

  • Obtains production order and determines specs for impending job (package size, polyethylene weights, base film requirements, etc.) Arranges for delivery of base materials to machine
  • Loads print rolls and base films and or materials onto unwind stands. Checks processing guide to ascertain machine conditions (base films, primers, etc.)
  • Performs basic quality checks on films
  • Mixes primers, using prescribed formulas, and maintains adequate levels in reservoirs.
  • Transfers hazardous waste into designated drums and transports to storage areas
  • Applies Teflon tape to resin roller to prevent extrusion from sticking and adjusts web guide sensors and trim knives as required
  • Check poly/adhesive applications and installs anilox rollers.
  • Sets brake control pressures and thread web(s) through machine, lapping and taping ends around take-up core
  • Removes finished roll of laminated material from rewind using hoist or walk-around lift, and transports roll to floor scales. Accurately records weights, footage count, time, etc. on roll ticket.  Transfers roll to designated storage area.
  • Assists Operator with job changes as prescribed
  • Maintains work areas and related equipment in neat and orderly manner (sweeps, dusts, mops, scrapes using appropriate tools and agents)
  • Performs other related work as required.

Slitter Assistant

  • Interprets information provided on the Slit and or Finishing Production Order to obtain the following:
  • Job number, job description, trays, slip sheets and pallet type.
  • Number of pallets, trays, slip sheets and cores needed for job.
  • Comprehend production order notes and special instructions.
  • Locates and or orders pallets and cores for job; gathers trays, slip sheets and cartons as needed.
  • Builds supplies (trays and or cartons).
  • Inspects finished slit rolls for print, lamination or slitting defects.
  • Applies Slit WIP to inside of core, scans outside Slit Work in Progress (WIP) to correct pack-out I.D.
  • Bags and moves slit rolls from the unloader shafts to correct pallet or carton (approximate weights range from 23 to 75 pounds).
  • Packs out slit rolls to customer specification (trays, slip sheets and layers aligned).
  • Uses manual pallet jack to pull finished pallets into aisles for pickup.
  • Operates shrink wrapper as needed.
  • Operates trim baler.
  • Machine and or plant housekeeping.
  • Assist operator in the loading and unloading of the material.
  • Operates machine during operator breaks and as back-up.
  • Operation of Intermec scanner.
  • Operation of Wizard program.
  • Cutting cores as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Bag Machine Helper

  • Adheres to all safety requirements as well as using “common sense” precautions and or actions.
  • Folds and tapes shipping boxes.
  •  Applies shipping labels and manually moves boxes (25 lbs.) to staging area.
  • Palletizes and stretch wraps boxes and moves to shipping area using pallet jack.
  • Keeps equipment and related work areas in neat and orderly manner.
  • Ensures supplies of semi-finished goods material are staged at the machine and ready for production.
  • Hangs semi-finished goods rolls on the machine and prepare splices.
  • Ensures all material needed to pack out finished goods are at the machine and ready for production.
  • Removes finished pouches from the machine and place in appropriate shipping containers.
  • Creates and scan pack out ID for creation of finished goods batches.
  • Delivers finished goods material to the designated locations for storage and or shipment.
  • Performs other related work as required.
  • All staff are responsible for reporting food safety and quality issues to those that can initiate action.