Career Opportunities w/ City of Memphis

Desktop Technician
$47,465.60 – $68,827.20 /yr
Assists with installation, configuration and ongoing usability of desktops, laptops, peripheral equipment and software complying with the given standards and guidelines.

Truck Mechanic
$39,929.50 – $46,701.20 /yr 
Conducts and performs maintenance and normal repair on engine systems, automatic transmission/transaxle, manual drive train and axles, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical, etc.

Senior Housing and Community Development Analyst
$43,825.86 – $66,622.40 /yr
Conducts compliance audits to ensure that all activities and projects comply with local, state, and federal codes, regulatory requirements, and policies.

Grounds Maintenance Foreman
$36,600.72 – $54,891.20 /yr
Supervises and aids in crew duties of maintaining trash and debris removal, privet and kudzu removal, pond monitoring, recycling, and maintenance of meadows, trails, and parking lot areas.

Memphis Animal Services is Hiring!

Memphis Animal Services offers a wide range of programs & services; including the sheltering of lost and homeless animals, pet adoption and placement, spay/neuter programs, handling of animal control complaints & bite cases, dog licensing, cruelty investigations, public information/humane education, and more.

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