City of Memphis Job Openings – 10/28 – 11/6 New Era in Public Service

Ignite your passion and serve. City employees provide critical support to the daily operation of our city and are important to contributing to a greater quality of life for all our residents. Join us and be the change that you wish to see in creating a better Memphis!

Accepting applications for posted opportunities October 28 – November 6

Public Works
Code Enforcement Inspector
Heavy Equipment Operator
Environmental Engineer
Semiskilled Crewperson
Equipment Operator
Mechanical Operator
Shop Mechanic
Wastewater Treatment Plant Control Technician
Wastewater Treatment Plant Chemist Assistant
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Mechanic
Crewperson (Part-Time)

Life Guard (Part-Time)
Pool Manager (Part-Time)
Aquatic Attendant (Part-Time)
Mower Operator (Part-Time)

Police Services
Blue Path PST
Police Service Technician
Police Recruit
Police Recruit Lateral
Police Radio Dispatcher
Radio Dispatch Supervisor

Solid Waste
Temporary Driver/Crewperson
Support Services Manager

Library Services
Circulation Assistant
Library Children Services
Public Services Specialist (Part-Time)

Memphis Animal Services
Animal Care Technician (Part-Time)
Veterinary Assistant (Part-Time)

City Engineering
Surveyor Party Chief
Engineer Designer A

Human Resources
Recruiter I
Recruiter II
Diversity Recruiter
Lead Pension Coordinator
Urban Fellow Internship Spring 2022
Total Rewards Clerk (Part-Time)
Recruiter (Part-Time)

General Services
Truck Master Mechanic

Director – Office of Business & Compliance
OBDC Operations Manager
Accountant II
Solid Waste Payroll Supervisor

Fire Services
Firefighter Paramedic Probationary
Fire Recruit
Fire Alarm Operator I
Firefighter Paramedic Lateral
Fire Private II Lateral

Other Opportunities
Lead Database Analyst
HCD Compliance Coordinator
MPLOY Program Analyst
Public Service Corps Member (Part-Time)
Public Services Specialist (Part-Time)

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