Start Here with the eCollection – eBooks – Mobile/Tablet

install the libby app

Apple App Store

Google Play

Windows Store

connect to the library

In Libby, follow the prompts to find the Memphis Public Libraries.

Sign in with your Library Card and PIN.

Don’t recall your PIN?

Click here for more information about your PIN and possible reset options.

Don’t have a Library Card?

Sign up for a library card here and begin using the online collections immediately!

check out ebooks

You will notice that the app has two main sections: 1) Library and 2) Shelf.

Browse our collection at the Library and borrow titles.

Borrowed titles appear on your Shelf and download to the app automatically when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, so you can read them when you’re offline.

From your Shelf, you can:

Tap Open Book or to start reading to a title.

Tap Manage Loan to see options like RenewReturn, or Send to Device to send a book to Kindle.

Titles can be borrowed for 21 days.  They automatically return so no overdue fines.  Three days prior to the due date, you may be able to renew a title if another customer does not have a hold.

more help

If you need more help, visit Libby Help.