Start Here with the eCollection – eMagazines – Desktop/Laptop

create an rbdigital account

Visit our rbDigitial website at

Select “Register” towards the top-right.  Then create your account.

NOTE: If you already have an rbDigital account for Audiobooks, you do not have to create a separate one for magazines.

search for magazines

From the rbDigital website at, scroll down to the MAGAZINES section and select EXPLORE.

Here is a direct link to the Magazine’s section in rbDigital.

Browse the collection.  We have about 125 active subscriptions.

You can select FILTER at the top right to select a specific Genre of magazine.

checkout magazines

Select the cover for the magazine you wish to read.

Select CHECKOUT when you find a title then select READ.

To read our available back issues, select ALL ISSUES (you may have to scroll down to see this option).

You can check out as many magazines as you wish and keep them for as long as you want.

Your checked out magazines can be accessed in the future by selecting the menu button at the top-left and selecting CHECKED OUT.