Memphis Reads- Dangerous Pleasures by Bertrice Small

Syma reviews Dangerous Pleasures by Bertice Small, New York Library, 2008

The main character, Annie Miller’s plight began when she had to raise her children alone after the unexpected death of her husband. It was quite a task. When her sister entered Annie in a contest where she won a free spa weekend, Annie knows she needs to take the trip to have time to herself.

After this particular weekend, Annie’s life would never be the same because she is faced with fantasies like she has never experienced before.

The change came to Annie in the form of the “Channel Corporation Fantasy.”  Annie and other women are sent into another world to fully experience their most intimate fantasies. It’s a marvelous creation, and you would think that the whole world would know about it. But they don’t because this is a delicious, dirty little secret known only to these particular women. Unaware of who her partner is while experiencing these fantasies, Annie discovers a lot about herself, her previous marriage, her children and most of all the male employees of the Channel Corporation.

I feel Bertrice Small wrote Dangerous Pleasures to reach out to women who live for everything and everyone else. These women never allow themselves to let go, live a little, or take opportunities that comes their way.  This story can also remind readers how important to value yourself as truly complete men and women.