Andrea reviews FOR YOUR OWN GOOD by Samantha Downing, Berkley Publishing, 2021, 384 pages. Australian writer, Samantha Downing has woven another tale of darkness and deception. Readers will meet English teacher, Teddy Crutcher of the esteemed, elite Belmont Academy. Just because Teddy was recognized as the Teacher of the Year, it does not mean he is loved, or even liked, by his students or colleagues. In fact, his idiosyncrasies make him seem more like a pompous jerk when he thinks he is doing right by his students. Just because students, parents, and administration don’t enjoy his teaching methods or style, Teddy assures them everything he does is “for their own good.”  Maybe it was a little much when an overbearing mother was poisoned to death at another teacher’s reception. But Teddy had heard her daughter say she did not want to go to Yale because that was her mom’s dream. Besides, he only meant to give the mother a stomachache. He didn’t expect he to die! Now Teddy has to act posthaste to get the accused daughter out of jail. He knows certain faculty members will be testifying against the daughter so how can Teddy eliminate them without raising eyebrows? And, furthermore, how is going to get rid of the new teacher, a Belmont alumnae who Teddy wronged her senior year and has her own suspicions about him?

All these questions will be answered in Downing’s newest novel of crime and suspense. Be prepared for  plot twists and turns, and just when you think you have figured it out, you don’t!