Memphis Reads-THE COLOR OF LOVE by Sharon Sala

Syma reviews The Color of Love by Sharon Sala, Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2017.

I am never disappointed when it comes to Sharon Sala ‘s books when she and Dinah McCall collaborate. After waiting for months to read this particular novel, I can honestly say it was worth the wait to continue the Blessings, Georgia series.

In The Color of Love, the main characters are Ruby Dye and Peanut Butterman.  Ruby is the hair stylist of Blessings, and Peanut is the town’s only lawyer. Peanut has been in love with Ruby since grade school but he has never made his feelings known to her… that is until she is in imminent danger from her former in-laws.  Her ex -husband, Jarrod Dye , has kidnapped her.  When Ruby’s life was flashing before her eyes she didn’t know anyone who could help her. Ruby did not know what could be lurking outside Jarrod’s truck. Waiting until it was time for Jarrod to fill up his truck and then she made the move to save her own life. Little did she realize her savior, Peanut, was right there, waiting to make his own move.

Ruby did not realize that the entire town of Blessings, Georgia was in an all-out search for her. Nor did she realize Peanut’s saving her from Jarrod was an act of his love for her.

The townspeople of Blessings know how to live up to their name in many ways, in which you will clearly realize as you meet and come to love characters like Charlie, Pitty-Pat , and Moma. On the other hand, readers will learn life lessons will prevail through other characters like Mr. Elmer and Melissa Dean.

Take a minute and evaluate your life, and learn the color your life amplifies.